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Letter to the Editor - Sunday Times Lanks

Date: 24 April 2019
Source : John Peterson

The Editor Sunday Times Lanka

Dear Sir

My heart continues to bleed for the wanton massacre of over innocent 200 Catholics who went to their churches on Sri Lanka to celebrate the resurrection of our Saviour Our Lord Jesus Christ who died on the cross to save us from the consequence of sin. They never came back to their homes and to their loved ones.

It is the day of the greatest celebration of the Catholic Church when Jesus conquered death and proved he was the Son of God.

It is ironical that this country that claims to be majority Buddhist is home to such pathological killers. They kill indiscriminately not being concerned whether they are murdering children, women or men; old or young. This country has engendered a mass movement of extreme fanatical Buddhists who are led by some crazed and evil Buddhist monks who preach murder to those who profess another religion. There is a clear absence of the Buddhist doctrine of Ahimsa and Peace in their evil actions. Some vile politicians have joined these fanatical Buddhist jihadis to gain political power and to keep the non Buddhists out of political power.

The country's post-independence period has been riddled with race riots and genocide against the minority Tamils. They were murdered, raped and pillaged by the Sri Lankan Sinhala army and the Sinhala mobs in holocausts that killed over 250,000 Tamils civilians, disappeared over 200,000 and drove over 1,000,000 into exile in foreign countries. The UN has been stymied by the Sri Lankan government blocking a Tribunal of investigation into its war crimes.

Having successfully annexed the Tamil homeland as part of the Sinhala army occupied Buddhist country, the Tamils now live in fear and trepidation in their own historical land. They falsely claim that the Buddha called the whole country Buddhist.

The Sri Lankan army corrupts the usually ethical Tamil society with drugs, sex and rampant Police corruption. At every main junction in Jaffna there are Sinhala Police Officers waiting to pounce on scooter taxis with fines to be paid on the spot and no receipts issued. A nice little earner for them.

The Buddhist mobs then turned their evil attention to the Muslims who live in the east, south and in Kandy. They were assaulted, their shops looted and their mosques burnt. The Muslims are now living in fear of these murderous yobs.

Now they have turned their fury on the Catholics, many of them are Sinhalese themselves but are not Buddhists. The Buddhist extremists hate these Christians because they worship a different God and are generally meek and submissive. The Easter Sunday church massacres are meant to force Christians to stop practicing their religion.

But the spirit of Christianity includes the preparedness to even die for the faith. This act of martyrdom according to the tenets of our faith raises such victims to Sainthood by blood. I request Cardinal Malcolm Ranjit to take up the canonisation cause seriously with the Holy Father and the Vatican without delay.

Finally, I feel that the country does not qualify to use the honorific title of Sri with its notoriety for genocide and rabid Buddhist extremism. Until there is a change in the constitution and all religions and none are equal in law and all citizens are equal before the law, we should call the country Ruin Lanka. Address your letters and envelopes like this and if there are sufficient people to do this, the country may at long last change heart and the law.


John Peterson

By: John Peterson
Source: TWG
Date: 24 April 2019

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