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TWG is body of Tamil writers in the English language domiciled /resident in the UK, who have perceived a dearth of cogent and effective response from a Tamil perspective to misrepresentations and falsehoods in the English media of the Tamil cause. In order to try and remedy this situation, they have collectively agreed to reflect the interests of the Eelam Tamil people to the best of their knowledge and experiences and to use their conjoined skills to advocate, advance, elucidate, inform and educate the international public, and to rebut such misrepresentations and falsehoods, both in writing and orally, on any current and important matter either appearing or deemed necessary to appear in the English media primarily but not exclusively in the UK.

The TWG Committee consists of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Editor in Chief, Editors, General Committee members and Researchers. Further the TWG membership consists of general members and associated members.

Any Comments and articles may be also published from readers and independent writers at the Editor's discretion subject to our disclaimer policy.

The TWG website is still under construction and we hope to complete all relevant sections as soon as possible. Any research documents or articles that are of historical or cultural nature can be sent to for publication.