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Sri Lanka : Letter to Eric Solheim, Norway

Date: 07 February 2009

Source : TWG - By Vincent Kandiah

Dear Mr.Solheim,

I have high regards for your efforts to bring about peace in Sri Lanka .
I even sent you an e-mail saying spend more time with your children when I saw a picture of you holding your head during the abortive peace talks in Switzerland .
Why should a man spend so much fruitless days instead of spending time with his family and children?, I thought. Once the children grow they donít need us parents.

I was very disappointed to hear that you recommended that the tigers lay down their arms and surrender!!!
The Sinhalese treat tamils like dogs now.
If the tigers were to surrender they will treat us worse than servants. The IC is accusing the tigers of using civilians as human shields. Do you know that the SL Army is separating the young boys and girls from adults in Vavuniya, keeping them incommunicado.
Then gang raping the girls, shooting them through the mouth and burying them. There is a rumour 150 of those young boys and girls were murdered and buried in Vavuniya.
What is needed is for impartial observers to visit these people talk to them and find out what happened to those who came out of vanni.
As a human being, and as a parent , I find this repulsive. Even the Nazis didnít do such things I am sure.

As a parent how do you feel? Are you surprised that the tamils do not want to cross over to the government side.

People are threatened and therefore it is very difficult to provide proof. Years before there were roumers of Nazis killing jews. The world did nothing. Same thing happened in Rwanda , Bosnia . Now for the tamils in Sri Lanka .

Unless the IC bring these murderous people to account then the world has learnt nothing from the fate of the Jews in the hands of the Nazis, Bosnians in the hands of the Serbs, Furs in the hands of Sudanese and so on.

Genocide of tamils should not be allowed. If you canít do something constructive please keep quiet. Your words are music to the ears of the murderous Rajaparse brothers.

Why did they kill Lasantha Wickramatunga?
Why are the families not told of the fate of the husbands, brothers and sons of the Sinhalese masses in the south?

War on terror indeed! What about the terror by the state? This government is worse than the Nazis! Sri Lanka is fast becoming a police state, if it is not one already.

Thank you for reading this.

Vincent Kandiah

By: TWG - Vincent Kandiah
Date: 07 February 2009

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