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The duplicitous APRSL - A wolf in sheep's clothing

Date: 02nd February 2009
Source : Chief Editor, Tamil Writers Guild.

It has been reported recently that a quisling group of Tamils has been formed with the ostensible objective of nation-building within the Sri Lankan Diaspora. It calls itself the Association for Peace and Reconciliation in Sri Lanka (APRSL) - indeed it will be peace and reconciliation in the graveyard. These are the embalmers and morticians determined to bury the Tamil nation even before it has breathed its last. The whole world cries genocide but this puppet group licks the nether sides of its despicable masters, the perpetrators of these most reprehensible crimes of massacre and genocide. The sick timing of this malevolent call is founded on their mistaken understanding that the Eelam Tamil nation has been brought to its knees by the fiendish war of the Rajapakse mafia brotherhood. In this supposedly weakened state, these pawns of the Rajapakse terror state feel that the Tamils are ripe to fall into their laps to be held in perpetual slavery. These parasites on the body of the Tamil nation should be treated with the contempt they deserve as body snatchers and ghoulish tomb raiders even before the death of the Tamil nation is pronounced.

Now at a time when the racist Sinhala dragon has gorged itself literally and metaphorically on the lives of over a hundred thousand Tamils and has wrought untold suffering and hardship on the Tamil people and when in fact the death knell of the Tamil nation is being prematurely sounded, this troglodyte group has crawled out of its cave to sing the praises of a mythical and non-existent nation from which the Tamils were painfully excluded from the outset. They have sold their souls to the SInhala oppressors while one million of their fellow Tamils have been driven to exile in other countries and another million live in dire straits in the jungles in the Vanni. This motley group of back scratchers, misfits and apologists for the racist Sinhala Sri Lankan government is scheming to confuse and confound the Tamil Diaspora into throwing its lot behind the most regressive and repressive Sinhala regime in the whole bloodstained history of post independence Sri Lanka. They have no hope of attracting the Tamil Diaspora to this lost and execrable invitation to sup with the Devil and his brothers.

It has been evident for a very long time that the conflict in Sri Lanka has been mainly due to the majority Sinhalese wanting to subjugate the Tamils by denying them their democratic rights to the use of their language, higher education and employment opportunities. When the Tamils protested democratically against ever increasing state discrimination, they were subjected to state inspired violence by Sinhala mobs in which thousands died and their houses and property destroyed.

This is the present debacle in which the APRSL has cynically called for nation building. In the past thirty years a genocidal war has been waged by the state against the Tamils with contempt for humanitarian law and the Geneva convention. The utter temerity and immorality of the world to confront this genocide has emboldened Sri Lanka to continue with its rampant assault on innocent Tamil civilians and their villages.

The Tamil homeland has been destroyed while the world has averted its eyes. Sixty million Tamils of Tamil Nadu in India are voicing their anger and anxieties at an Indian Central government that has callously ignored their entreaties. India is taking a covert but active part in supporting the excesses of the Sri Lankan government in order to keep the Tamils of Eelam under its heel. This may be India's way of keeping the Tamils of Tamil Nadu under check. In the past week alone some 1000 Tamils have been killed and thousands injured in the Vanni. Nearly 300,000 Tamils are trapped and bombarded by the Sri Lankan forces in an ever shrinking area in the Vanni. The UN and International NGOs have pleaded for the lives of women and children caught up in this tragedy but these war criminals of the Government of Sri Lanka have no pity and act with impunity.

For over sixty years since independence from Britain, when the rabid Sinhala politicians and the fanatical Buddhist monks sought to terrorise the Tamils and when the quest for nation building should have been at its most urgent, these Tamil slaves and their masters feasted at the Sinhala table of racist oppression and obtained state patronage and commercial advancement. They were blind to nation building all these long years except for lining their pockets and building their own positions.

There are two separate nations in Sri Lanka. The Sinhala nation of Sri Lanka and the Tamil nation of Eelam. It is the disgraceful timing and dissimulation of their call that exposes the treachery of these vermin. They may have names that sound like popinjays and dungarees in rhythmic alliteration but you will know who they are, because they exude a stench of fetid putrefaction of the soul. They are not to be touched even with a barge pole. If you see one of them, hold your nose and pass on the other side of the road.

Ivan Pedropillai B.Sc., M.Sc., FCCA, FCMA

Chairman and Chief Editor, Tamil Writers Guild, UK

Source: Tamil Writers Guild
Date: 02nd February 2009

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