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Sooriyaaracchi, a former Minister and later critic of President Rajapakse killed in a suspicious car accident

Date: 12 February 2008
Source : TWG - Editorial

It is not often that we write about the untimely death of a Sinhalese politician, not because it is in itself not a human tragedy but because the obscene genocide of a Tamil nation is the gruesome tragedy that we have conscientiously set ourselves to expose to the world.

But what happened to Mr Sripathi Sooriyaarachchi, a former and close colleague of President Rajapakse on Saturday 9 January is a staged accident in a remote jungle road by the assassination squad of the President to remove a thorn in his side, ever since Sooriyaarachchi's defection from the President's government. Sooriyaarachchi and Mangala Samaraweera, two stalwarts of the ruling SLFP who made the Rajapakse Presidency possible, gave up their lucrative Cabinet sinecures because they could not continue to sell their souls to a Rajapakse government that had set its sights on a rampage of corruption, chicanery, murder and official patronage to the most brazen of armed violence in the history of this bedevilled island. Even the most accommodating International Community that had chosen a practised Nelsonian blind eye view of the callous bombardment, murder, kidnap and devastation of the Tamil Homeland because the Sinhalese were the so-called Government in power, have now started to cavil at the massive scale of the human catastrophe befalling the Tamils of Sri Lanka. They continue to wring their hands in horror, like they did so effetely over the 1 million Rwandans killed in Rwanda and the continuing disaster in Darfur or even over the mass infractions of human rights in Zimbabwe. The nearly 100,000 Tamils killed by the racist Sinhala government has not registered in the minds of the self-appointed policemen of the much vaunted international order as in their cynical minds the Tamils have no oil discovered thus far in their land. The good God in whose hands our fortunes ultimately rest may yet play a cruel trick on these capitalist fortune-hunters by yet allowing this black gold to be found in the Straits of Mannar within the Tamil homeland. We might then see the consciences of the West salved by the prospect of oil in 'them far waters'. But that is another story to come.

The repugnant slaying of Sooriyaarachchi, his former confidante and colleague, leaves this rabid Sinhalese Buddhist President with Sinhalese blood on his hands. He may shed crocodile tears but the Sinhalese people will know that this vicious President and his blood-thirsty brothers will not stop at anything to eliminate whoever they think as their opponents or even rivals within their own party. After all, this was a President who was charged with murder but the charge could not stick with the absence of eyewitness evidence and don't we all know about intimidation of witnesses. They have now begun to consume even their own kind and where will it stop? Could it be that Anura Bandaranaike, a brother of the former President Chandrika Kumaratunga and a former senior Minister in Rajapkse's government and a critic of him now, might be found dying after eating a McDonald Double hamburger in a contrived accident as a lesson to other possible defectors. All this is not beyond the Rajapakse brothers and Mossad their mentors. We would think that the former President Chandrika whose security Rajapakse has diabolically diminished to ridiculous proportion and who is deliberately humiliated by the current President on every occasion, would do well to keep away from his evil clutches as unfortunate accidents could happen to her. There is a Stalinist state in existence in Sri Lanka and her friends are Iran, Israel, China and Pakistan. Who said that you can tell about someone by the friends they keep. The International Community has a sacred duty to rescue the Tamils from this cauldron of hate and despair. Don't tell us that you have not been forewarned.

Ivan Pedropillai B.Sc., M.Sc., FCCA, FCMA

Chief Editor, Tamil Writers Guild, UK

Source: Tamil Writers Guild
Date: 12 February 2008

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