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A fictional story: A lesson for Elephants, Lions, Tigers, Whales, Sharks and Small Fish

By : Gnanam
Location & Time : London 09.00 GMT 26 January 2006
Source : TWG

In South Asia, a big Elephant fish of blood group A has been allying with small Lion fish of blood group A and bullying and threatening the small Tiger fish of blood group D saying you cannot have your own territory and according to our Dharmas ( both Hindu & Buddhist ) you are all born to be subservient to us. That is your karma. Your duty is to respect us and accept us as the masters. We have been treating you fairly in our own democratic way and be happy with it, otherwise we will fix you by our foxy ways, which are inherent to blood group A.

Now the blood group A big elephant fish is in a daze, because it is being bullied by the Eagle super whale of blood group A* .

The Asian Dragon Whale of blood group Y is telling both Asian big and small fishes "we are all friends and integration is the way to stop the bullying of us by blood group A* Whales and super Whales ". Really? May be but we will have to wait and see whether the Asian Dragon whale will devour friends and become another super whale.

One of the Camel Sharks of blood group A is going to tell the Dragon Whale of blood group Y, " you have the power to check the super whale and other whales when you meet them all in New York soon ; why don't you do something about it?" .

What is your bet on the plight of the camel shark and the big elephant fish ?

I believe, small fishes of blood group D have no choice but to learn to survive in this globalised ocean through their own unity and brain power. Small fishes must learn from the blood group Y small sharks, to use both their territorial and extra-territorial existence to their advantage.

By: Gnanam

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