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Letter to Bucks Free Press

Date: 27 September 2006
Source : TWG

We at Tamil Writers Guild like to submit our protest at your website's free will in becoming a propaganda machine for the Failed Racist Terrorist State of Sri Lanka High Commission's media office run by ex and current war criminals. The peace vigil was a peaceful protest held by peace loving Tamil Diaspora highlighting the brutal oppression by the Sinhala State Terrorism for the last 50 years.

Your connivance with these mass murderers and branding Tamils who demonstrated as terrorist are unwarranted. You can freely keep abreast of the current mass murders and human rights violations, not to mention deliberate economic embargo that has caused further innocent Tamil civilians deaths, by visiting our website that only posts credible information from accredited international bodies.

Your reporter had taken a very anti Tamil view by branding the demonstration as LTTE organised and gave an unusual publicity about a leaked letter. The demonstrations and vigils are a right of every civilised citizen of this civilised country and should not be blocked by a third world failed terrorist state of Sri Lanka high commission that has no regards whatsoever for human rights or dignity of Tamils. Further your good press should not be used as a platform by these criminals to further suppress Tamil freedom and importantly, should not attempt to silence the 1m Tamil Nation in exile to face the same fate as they faced in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka government has posted a media office staffed by war criminals and ex army personnel to give a completely different picture of crimes committed against innocent Tamils by heavily buying into war against terrorism, child soldiers and LTTE who happened to be the sole protector of Tamils in the North East of Sri Lanka and take a violent approach to the oppressor. We condemn violence in any form by any body and the Tamil Diaspora has every right to demonstrate to highlight their oppressed state in the western World that is sadly also increasingly being suppressed by Sri Lanka by using innocent parties like yourselves.

Your article certainly has upset the Tamil Eelam Diaspora not to mention the 80m Tamils around the world and you should be more careful as your article has been posted in many Sri Lankan media giving much wider coverage around the world to exploit Sri Lanka government agenda. Your action further encourages more and more human rights violations, clearly giving into Sri Lanka propaganda and its attempt to furnish a completely different picture to atrocities committed.

It should be highlighted that Sri Lanka government not only, actively and ashamedly provides hospitality to many diplomats, journalists and media personnels to hide the truth but also intimidates them in order to suppress the facts, serious breaches of human rights and humanitarian violation against Geneva convention.

We kindly urge you to submit a report that reflects the true suffering of unfortunate Tamils and look forward to your kind reply.

By: Reginald Von Rugen
Source: TWG
Date: 27 September 2006

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