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An open letter from the Editor of TWG referring to the letter from the Bishop of Mannar regarding the Pesalai Church massacre

Date: June 21st, 2006
Source : TWG

The government of Sri Lanka cannot continue to cover up its blood-dripping trail any more. The Catholic Bishop of Mannar has seen the brutality of the Sinhala armed forces at first hand in his own diocese. He has written this letter to the Vatican via the Apostolic Nuncio to Sri Lanka, as is the proper protocol in such serious matters. He has also copied it to Cardinal George Pell, Cardinal Archbishop of Sydney and the Catholic Association of Sydney Tamils. We have to give it immediate world-wide publicity and we can start by posting it on our own website without delay.

The gory details of the blood-thirst of the Sinhala armed forces are factually and objectively reported in his letter. He has a reputation as a pious, patient and balanced man but even he has been driven to abject despair by the murderous and rapacious conduct of the government and its forces. By his singular courage he has placed himself at great risk at the hands of the marauding Sinhala armed forces and their paramilitaries. The Tamils of Eelam are being slaughtered by a government spouting words of peace to the outside world but engaged in murder of the Tamils living in their own homelands. This no accident but the heinous strategy of a morally bankrupt government.

The Sinhalese and their Buddhist Sinhala fascist leaders will continue to decimate the Tamils and devastate their homeland because their own lives and their life-styles in the south of the country are not jeopardised. In this they have been helped by India, Pakistan, China and the West providing them modern arms and funds to create the fascist state based on racial supremacy. The Tamils of Colombo are treated with contempt and harassed by an overbearing Sinhala police force on the orders of the Rajapakse government. Like the midnight raids made by the Gestapo on the Jews in Germany and later in occupied Europe, the Tamils in Colombo live in perpetual fear of raids by the racist Sinhala police force and special forces acting on the direct orders of Gothabaya and Basil Rajapakse, the two evil brothers of Mahinda Rajapase, the President. Gothabaya, previously a major in the Sri Lankan army, had left Sri Lanka and had become an American citizen. He was recalled to Sri Lanka by his brother, the President, and this nasty little major is now the mighty overlord of Rajapakse's evil empire with direct access to the President. It is a tragedy that this American ( for that is what he is) is now responsible for the highest level of hate of the Tamils and for this we have to thank the double-speak of the American government. As one of the co-chairs of the Sri Lankan Peace Talks the Americans mouth platitudinous sentiments of peace while conducting the genocidal war against the Tamils through one of their own American subjects, Gothabaya Rajapkase. Is it any wonder they are reviled throughout the world!

We hope the Vatican will strongly condemn this barbarous act in no uncertain terms. This is no time for ' on the one hand and on the other hand' type mealymouthed timid statements that will only further encourage the Sri Lankan government on its murderous course. The Churches, governments and the good people of the West should have it in their consciences to no longer ignore the evil and murderous deeds of the Sri Lankan government bent on exterminating the Tamils. A terrorist and failed state that is Sri Lanka which is being armed to its teeth by governments and arms dealers, has got to be arrested in its muderous design by the world powers, the UN and internationla public opinion before it can become a moral and physical threat to world public order.

Date: June 21st, 2006

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