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Please prevent or STOP this Horrendous Violation of human rights by the Sri Lankan security forces and paramilitary.

Date: 20 Sept 2007
Source : Dr. V.R. Eswaran

Subject: Please prevent or STOP this Horrendous Violation of human rights by the Sri Lankan security forces and paramilitary.

HE Sir John Sawers, KCMG

UK Permanent Representative to the United Nations
18th Sept 2007

Your Excellency

I am a British Tamil who came to the UK from Ceylon just before the constitutional changes took place to rename CEYLON as Sri Lanka, I am ashamed to call my self a "Sri lankan"; this is because there is no inclusive nation building created by the majoritarian Sinhala community.

My community has been marginalised, discriminated and subjugated since 1956. I have witnessed the communal riots against the Tamils instigated by the state through their political thugs in 1956,1958,and 1961. The national unity was dashed by Sinhala politicians from the very outset. I am sure the world has not failed to follow all the anti-Tamil events that took place in Sri Lanka since independence from their British colonial masters in 1948.

The present urgency is to stop the genocide of Tamil community, which is carried out deceptively in the name of fighting the war on terror. This "war on terror" is a brazen lie to cover up their unwillingness to accept and respect the Tamils as their equal citizens in this Island.

The Sinhala majoritarian ultra-Nationalists have re-framed the Tamil National quest for equality as a "Terrorist problem" and have displaced it from the historical and political domain to which it belongs. From 1949 -1978, Tamils had tried Non-Violent means to acquire their legitimate rights as equal citizens of this Island within and out side parliament.

All non-violent means were crushed by state terrorism with periodic pogroms and genocidal attacks that were unleashed on Tamil civilians by successive Sinhala governments . The birth of Tamil Youth militancy is the consequence of the State's irresponsibility to solve the Tamil National issue. What we have seen in the last thirty years are a set of "sham peace initiatives" by successive Sri Lankan governments to pretend to the international community, that they were committed to peace. At no time had they shown any real intention of solving the long-standing Tamil question.

The present Sinhala government since December 2005 had only one agenda; that is to expel the Tamils from their historical home land in the name of fighting the LTTE.

The Tamil homelands are being turned into Military high security zones in order to deny the Tamils their homes and livelihood. This must be recognised as Ethnic Cleansing - A Genocide of the Tamil race.

The present Srilankan government's maliciously calls for a military solution under the pretext of safeguarding the "sovereignty and territorial integrity" of the majoritarian unitary state. Worse still, they have conveniently linked this to the so called global "War on Terror"at the same time to justify their action to the International community and make it official that the main problem is "Terrorism" which has to be defeated before any "political solution" is found. One could interpret this agenda of the Sri Lankan government as a "military solution" to be the "political question".

The horrendous abuse of human rights by the state security forces and the conniving paramilitary forces, who are carrying out genocidal activity no less than what happened in Kosovo, and is currently happening in Darfur.

It is very sad to see the impotence of the international community and the UN to act to stop this abuse in Sri Lanka. Amnesty international, Human Right Watch, Asian human rights groups, Church groups, Sri Lanka anti- war and peace groups, ICRC - Red Cross and SLMM have all clearly presented to the UN Human rights council the inability and unwillingness of the Sri Lankan government to stop this gross violation of Human rights by its security forces with the collusion of the paramilitary.

We from the Tamil Diaspora wish to raise our concern to the Civilised Western Governments and NGOs that there is an urgent and ongoing need for a sustained and effective protection of Tamil civilians from these abuses and indiscriminate aerial bombing.

If the UN fails to do justice, where else can we go! Sri Lankan Government 's vile rhetoric's should not put off the International community from upholding the egalitarian principles to which the hapless Tamils of Sri Lanka are also entitled.

Minority communities forming historical nations around the globe also wish to live with justice, peace and dignity.

May I thank you on behalf of my community in anticipation that you would do some thing to prevent further suffering and death of my people.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Dr. V.R. Eswaran.

Source: Tamil Writers Guild by Dr. V.R. Eswaran.
Date: 20 Sept 2007

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